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Create a community as big as your vision .


We'll convert your customers into a thriving brand community. 

More money. More impact.

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Welcome to the future of competitive advantage .


We'll convert your customers into a thriving brand community. 

More money. More impact.

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All business comes with big challenges:



Customers come and go, leaving you with the constant battle of churn, draining resources and eroding revenue streams. 

Competing Priorities

With broken feedback loops, you're left guessing about what they want and what to build next.


How do you efficiently acquire new customers? Where should you invest in new initiatives and product ideas?

The solution is community.


Turning customers into a thriving brand community is the competitive strategy of world-class brands. 

"Working with Wondry gave me the confidence to move forward with the daunting task of how to approach building a community from the ground up.

Working with someone that had been there and done it, been in the trenches, provided the information and tactics we need to launch succesfully."


Why do billion dollar companies like Strava and HubSpot prioritize community?

Higher Retention

People come for the product, stay for the community, reducing churn rates and ensuring long-term customer loyalty and revenue stability.

Feedback Loops

No more guesses. With real-time feedback loops, you're able to iterate and innovate with precision, ensuring your business evolves in lock step with their needs.

Cultural Army 

There is great power in bringing people together. For mission-forward companies, community will take your impact further faster. 

New Revenue

A direct line to your customers means you'll be first to hear exactly what they want, turning your community into a profit center.


The problem:

90% of communities fail.


While communities are a wildly effective strategy, most fail.

They launch for the wrong reasons, measure the wrong things, and ultimately throw the equivalent of a bad party that no one will remember.

If you’re not converting customers into invested community members, you’re leaving revenue and impact on the table.

And you need to do it with a clear, data-informed strategy.

Your community will not fail.

Well, not if you work with us.

Our methodology is a simple, three-step approach:

1. Align: We start by working with your team to make sure there is total alignment on goals and outcomes.

2. Build: We then build a data-informed, strategic plan, custom to your mission and goals.

3. Measure: Finally, we make sure we're measuring the right things, tying all strategies back to business outcomes, and creating an evergreen, operational playbook.


You could spend years figuring out how to build it.

Or, you can do it with us in a matter of weeks.

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We get it.

Hi. I’m April. I launched Wondry after building community strategy for companies like:

  • HubSpot
  • Burt's Bees
  • Candor

I love that community is both good for people and good for business.

With over 40 years of collective community experience, our team has a deep understanding of both the psychology and strategy behind brand communities.

We work across multiple industries, prioritizing brands who are mission-driven and motivated by cultural change for good.


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How we work 

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†We start with a free consult. No pitching, no sales. Just an open, honest, and useful conversation¬†on how community can¬†work for your business.

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†We take¬†a custom approach to each client, working with businesses at all stages of community-building.¬†

ūüĎČūüŹľ We create actionable, strategic plans and support you through every step of converting your customers into a community.

Work is guided by clear milestones and efficient timelines.


Work with us:


Done for you:

Full Strategic support

We'll start with an easy, 30-minute chat to learn about how community can support your company's goals.

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Done with you:

Become a member

Join a private, vetted group of leaders working together to build their community.

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Do it yourself:


A pithy, actionable course covering all of the community fundamentals in just over two hours.

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Specializing in:


We'll align the team and make sure we're working toward the right goals.


Documented, clear outcomes and the steps it takes to get there.


We'll help you craft the messaging and timeline to convert customers to members.


Including the launch day agenda, onboarding, and live support


We'll build a plan for engagement your community will love.


If desired, we'll help you source and train a community manager.

The smartest companies are busy building community.


Don't get left behind. 


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Building those community chops?

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