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Create a community as big as your vision .


Let's convert your customers into a thriving brand community and get you more impact and more revenue.

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Create a community as big as your vision .



Let's convert your customers into a thriving brand community and get you more impact and more revenue.

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Building a big business comes with big challenges:



How do we get more customers, consistently?


And how do we hold on to the ones we have?


Launch? Improve? Market? Hire?


How do we make sure we don't lose sight of our vision?


How do we keep a team aligned, challenged, and thriving?

The solution is community.


Turning customers into a thriving brand community is the competitive strategy of world-class brands.


"Working with Wondry gave me the confidence to move forward with the daunting task of how to approach building a community from the ground up."

-Abhi G, Fangoria

Why do billion dollar companies like Strava and HubSpot prioritize community?


Because when you create a digital space for your customers to hang out, you get:

Higher Retention

People come for the product, stay for the community, reducing churn rates and ensuring long-term customer loyalty and revenue stability.

Instant Feedback

No more guesses. With real-time feedback loops, you're able to iterate and innovate with precision, ensuring your business evolves in lock step with their needs.

A Cultural Army 

There is great power in bringing people together. For mission-forward companies, community will take your impact further faster. 

New Revenue

A direct line to your customers means you'll be first to hear exactly what they want, turning your community into a profit center.


The problem:

95% of communities fail.


While communities are a wildly effective strategy, most fail.

They launch for the wrong reasons, measure the wrong things, and ultimately throw the equivalent of a bad party that no one will remember.

If you’re not converting customers into invested community members, you’re leaving revenue and impact on the table.

And you need to do it with a clear, data-informed strategy.

Join the 5%

Your community will not fail.

Well, not if you work with us.

Our unique methodology is the result of decades of community experience including the facilitation of Google Venture Design Sprints.

 This means we work collaborative, quickly, and creatively, seamlessly blending strategy with a deep understanding of human behavior.

You could spend years figuring out how to build it.

Or, you can do it with us in a matter of weeks.

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We get it.

Hi. I’m April. I've built community strategy for:

  • HubSpot
  • Burt's Bees
  • Candor

...and tons more. I love that community is both good for people and good for business.

With over 40 years of collective community experience, our team has a deep understanding of both the psychology and strategy behind brand communities.

We work across multiple industries, prioritizing brands who are mission-driven and motivated by cultural change for good. We don't care about the size of your company, only the size of your vision.


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Work with us:

Wondy Builder's Club


Good for: solo builders looking for curated guidance and community support.


Perfect for solopreneurs and leaders looking for a coaching, community, and education. 


  • High caliber support network:¬†Each member is screened via an application and one on one call, so you'll be in community with the best of the best.
  • Resource Access: Full access to our extensive range of courses, templates, and playbooks, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.
  • Bi-Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls:¬†Get your roadblocks removed and a clear plan of action to keep you moving forward.
  • Supplemental¬†Support: Such as guest presenters like Steph Smith and Gareth Wilson who will keep you inspired and informed.
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Starter Plan


Good for: smaller businesses who want custom guidance.


Designed for businesses seeking foundational support to build and nurture their brand community. 


  • Unlimited Asynchronous Communication: Get ongoing support and answers to your questions anytime via Slack.
  • Resource Access: Gain access to our comprehensive library of courses, templates, and playbooks tailored to your community needs.
  • Monthly Strategy Review: Stay on track with a monthly review session to assess progress, adjust strategies, and ensure alignment with your goals.
  • 1:1 Call Per Month: Have a dedicated one-hour session each month to dive deep into specific challenges and receive personalized advice.
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Pro Community Plan


Good for: resourced businesses who want higher touch support.


Perfect for businesses looking for intensive, hands-on support for building a scalable branding community. 

  • Unlimited Asynchronous Communication: Continuous support and expert advice through Slack, ensuring you‚Äôre never alone in your community-building journey.
  • Resource Access: Full access to our extensive range of courses, templates, and playbooks, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Calls: Enjoy two dedicated one-hour sessions each month for in-depth strategic discussions, troubleshooting, and guidance.
  • Detailed Strategy Development: Work closely with us to develop a comprehensive and tailored community strategy that aligns with your business objectives.
  • Implementation Support: Receive additional hands-on support to overcome implementation challenges and ensure effective execution of your community plan.
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Other Options:


 Join our Community

Join a private, vetted group of leaders working together to build their community.

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Get CommunityOS

A pithy, actionable course covering all of the community fundamentals in just over two hours.

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Good to know 

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†We take¬†a custom approach to each client, working with businesses at all stages of community-building.¬†

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†We're big fans of¬†clear milestones and efficient timelines. All work is tracked in your custom hub.

ūüĎČūüŹľ¬†We take on a max of three clients per quarter.



Specializing in:


We'll align the team and make sure we're working toward the right goals.


Documented, clear outcomes and the steps it takes to get there.


We'll help you craft the messaging and timeline to convert customers to members.


Including the launch day agenda, onboarding, and live support


We'll build a plan for engagement your community will love.


If desired, we'll help you source and train a community manager.

The smartest companies are busy building community.


Don't get left behind. 


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Building those community chops?

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