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Lower Your SAAS Acquisition Cost in Five Simple Steps

Feb 01, 2024

Ever wake up in a cold sweat after screaming "CAC" in your sleep?

Just me?

Every SaaS company goes through a season where each day feels like an uphill battle, with no end in sight.

Often, we get so caught up in complexities that we forget some simple truths (and even simpler fixes). 

Instead of feeling stuck, imagine a future where your business thrives and flourishes, fueled by strategic insights and actionable steps. A world where you can dream of marshmallows and kittens instead of metrics and churn.


Let's see how.


1. Leveraging Brand Community as a Referral Tool

In the world of SaaS, building a vibrant brand community goes beyond fostering engagement; it's about empowering users to become advocates. Imagine a community where users share success stories, offer support, and refer friends and colleagues to your platform. This sense of belonging not only strengthens brand loyalty but also serves as a powerful referral tool, driving organic growth and user acquisition.

Take Slack, for instance. Through its community forums and channels, Slack users share tips, troubleshoot issues, and refer new users, fueling the platform's exponential growth.

Make it Simple: Spend just 10 a day initiating a conversation or highlighting a customer success story in your community platform. You'll quickly start recognizing what incentivizes members to refer a friend.


2. Optimizing Onboarding Experience

Streamlining the user onboarding process is crucial for maximizing user adoption and retention in the competitive landscape of SaaS. A seamless onboarding experience guides users through key features, reduces friction, and sets the stage for long-term engagement.

Consider Dropbox's intuitive onboarding process, which simplifies steps and provides clear instructions to guide users toward activation and engagement.

Actionable Step: Open that incognito tab and go through the onboarding process. (Or better yet, have your mom do it). Find every place where you can simplify steps, provide clearer instructions, or add interactive tutorials to enhance the onboarding experience for new users. Remember: confusion loses, every time.


3. Mining Customer Data for Insights

Unlock the power of customer data to gain valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. By analyzing data-driven insights, you can inform product improvements, personalize marketing strategies, and optimize customer support initiatives.

Follow the example of Netflix, which leverages viewing patterns to personalize recommendations and enhance content offerings for users.

Try This: Create a weekly, thirty-minute meeting in your calendar to review your customer data analytics dashboard. Identify trends, patterns, or areas of opportunity that can inform decision-making and drive business growth.


4. Turning Your Brand Community into a Feedback Powerhouse

Harness the collective wisdom of your brand community to gather feedback and insights that shape your product roadmap and enhance user satisfaction. Create a feedback loop within your community platform, inviting users to share ideas, vote on feature requests, and provide constructive feedback.

Emulate platforms like Reddit, where community-driven discussions drive valuable feedback and suggestions for platform enhancements.

Actionable Step: Take 5 minutes today to set up a dedicated feedback channel within your community platform. Encourage users to share ideas and provide input that can drive product improvements and enhance user satisfaction. Do not worry about "negativity". This is how companies turn a blind eye to poor use experience and struggle with churn. 


5. Measuring the Right Acquisition Metrics

Focus on key metrics that accurately measure the effectiveness of your user acquisition efforts and align with your business goals. By tracking the right metrics, you can optimize marketing campaigns, allocate resources effectively, and drive sustainable growth.

Take inspiration from Airbnb, which analyzes acquisition channels to identify high-performing sources and allocate budget accordingly.

This Month: Audit your current acquisition metrics dashboard and refine it to focus on actionable insights and meaningful KPIs. Spend 5 minutes today optimizing your dashboard to drive informed decision-making and fuel business growth.


By implementing these actionable steps, you can enhance various aspects of your SaaS business, from community engagement to data-driven decision-making and user acquisition strategies.

Here at Wondry, we specialize in working with subscription-based companies, radically reducing churn and increasing LTV by converting their customers into a thriving, engaged community.

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