A private membership for founders and solo builders ready to make community their next competitive advantage 

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Get into the room with high-caliber people; every applicant is interviewed and vetted.


Membership includes exclusive access to frameworks,  templates, and best practices. 


Designed to be responsive to your community needs as they change and grow.

If you're not building community,

you're already behind.


There's a reason 8-figure brands prioritize community:

Customers are rented assets, but when you put them into a community that you own, you get instant access to huge benefits:


  • Increased Retention: Communities are churn-reducing machines.
  • Instant Feedback Loops:¬†No guessing. No building the wrong thing.
  • Deep¬†Influence: Communities¬†are cultural armies for change.
  • Higher LTV:¬†Sticky relationships means they stay longer and invest more.¬†
  • Custom Pipelines: Top, middle, or bottom-funnel, communities are uniquely customizable.¬†¬†

Whether you're just starting out or already have a community but just aren't seeing the traction-- opportunity awaits.


What is "dynamic" membership?

We approach community learning in three separate phases so that you get the information and support you need when you need it (without overwhelm)

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Build for others, with others.

Learn how to build, monetize, engage, and scale your community alongside other thoughtful leaders.

Membership Includes:


A digital community reserved for conversing, helping, and tapping into collective wisdom.


A curated library of best practices, templates, frameworks and exclusive course access,  updated regularly.


Live monthly group calls where you can get expert help on your unique situation.

Why solopreneurs/ founders of small teams?


Well-resourced companies should not be the only ones building community. But for solo players and small teams, the priorities are very different:

  • There is often no one who can fully dedicate themselves to managing a community.
  • The way we engage with members shifts with budget constraints.
  • It is too time consuming to sort through and vet the myriad of information online.
  • Higher touch guidance is required when trying to build a business AND community simultaneously.¬†

Hi, I'm April.


I've built community strategy for companies like HubSpot, Late Checkout, and Sony. 

I know community well. More importantly, I am immersed in the business of community, which allows me to stay on top of the best learnings, cut out the fluff, and bring you the good stuff.

I will be at the helm of this network, active in the community and hosting our monthly calls. This means you have unlimited access to a seasoned community gal anytime you need it. ūüėŹ

(Pictured: what AI thinks I look like)


Think you're a fit?


Here's a three-question litmus test:

  1. Do you want to build a community that makes positive change in your customer's lives?
  2. Do you want to build a community that directly increases revenue?
  3. Do you dig people like Seth Godin and Adam Grant?

But also...

This is not a community for people who are trying to decide if community is a worthy investment. There will be no convincing here. We're looking for members who see the value and are ready to make it happen.

Apply to be a founding member

Founding members set the tone, so we're keeping this group small and intimate. 


Start by filling out an easy application here. All applications are manually reviewed.


Next, we'll schedule a phone chat to make sure it's a good fit for all.


Commit to attending a kick-off call and meet your fellow members.

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Cost of membership



Founders Only



Two months free



Per add'l seat

Not "another digital community".


Digital communities are everywhere. And a lot of them are pretty awful.

Community is one part of what we're offering. We're focused on equipping you with exactly what you need to move forward and cultivating the kind of space that gives you instant access to the wisdom and insight of fellow changemakers.


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