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We Offer:

Full Strategic Support

From platform to launch to programming, we provide expert guidance from start to finish.


For solopreneurs and founders of small teams looking for a high-caliber group of fellow builders.


If you have a struggling community, we will audit and identify the root cause and solutions.


With a combined 40 years of experience, you'll never face a community challenge without instant support.

Data + Deliverables

We want you to have total clarity every step of the way. 

Every client gets a clear timeline with expected milestones, deliverables, and mutually agreed-upon outcomes.

For companies looking to launch, our strategic engagement covers five distinct phases over four months:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Messaging and Communications
  3. The Launch
  4. Synthesize and Scale
  5. After Launch Support


Other ways we can help



A self-paced, on-demand course covering the foundations of building a brand community.

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If you're looking for one-off guidance outside of our engagement plans, book an hour with us. 

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"We were looking to amplify our subscription business. We knew a community could be beneficial to our subscription business, and the strategic community plan not only attracted new members but, more importantly, became a retention powerhouse.

Our community engagement soared, leading to a significant boost in customer retention. Wondry's approach isn't just about building communities; it's about building lasting connections that impact the bottom line. Grateful for the positive shift in our numbers."